Today on my morning walk Butterfly by Crazytown came on my ipod. For some reason I stopped to look at some flowers and then an amazing butterfly landed on them. I have walked around here my entire life and I have never seen a butterfly like this one.

Later this afternoon I was thinking about my medications. My doctor has recommended I take Lithium, which got me thinking about Nirvana and then Come As You Are came on the radio.

I’m not a spiritual person, in fact I am atheist and consider myself very logical.. but I constantly have coincidences happen that send shivers up my whole body and it’s hard to not feel some sort of magic and wonder.


6 thoughts on “Coincidence.

  1. I’m so glad I stumbled across your blog! The alliteration of your awesome title caught my eye. Then I read your “about”page & found that we were both diagnosed with postpartum bipolar/postpartum mania. So glad to have found your blog.

    By the way, lithium has been an enormous help to me and, it’s one of my two primary medications. I’ve had a little shaking, a little hair loss when I first started it (plus I was at a much higher level than I needed to be!)

    I’m tweeting your blog to my followers and Facebook friends! 🙂


  2. I’m glad you stumbled across my blog too as I look forward to following yours as well 🙂
    Thanks so much for sharing it with your Facebook friends and followers, that means a lot!

    I’m still debating whether to try Lithium or not but I’ve actually heard a lot of good things, I’ve just had bad experiences with medications in the past so I’m hesitant. But everyone is different and every medication is different. Guess I won’t know unless I try! I’m glad it helps you!


    • I have tried around 20 meds and I’ve had two rounds of ECT (electroconvulsive treatments – as barbaric as that sounds, ECT helped pull me out of suicidal despair each time) I went through a phase in which I had enough of the meds and slowely tapered off them after doing tons of research on how to best taper off psych meds, only to relapse and have to be hospitalized. 😦

      You are totally right that you can try lithium and if you don’t like it, there are so many other options. I like the fact that it’s “old-school”, it’s a salt found in nature, said to be in the waters at Lourdes where “miracle healings” took place, it’s relatively cheap and (last but not least) I believe it was discovered for use for bipolar by an Australian doctor 😉

      I’m so sorry you had bad reactions to meds – I completely relate to that. I took one med that made me suicidal within mere hours of taking it. (amitriptyline, a tricycle antidepressant) Others take it with no problem. It’s so weird how everyone reacts differently to these strange chemicals.

      Please write about it all – I’ll be reading, and I’m sure you’ll be getting a lot of new followers over the next few months!

      thanks again for your kind comments and I hope you have another wonderful walk very soon. I love walks and listening to my favorite songs on my iPod!

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